●Embracing the Beauty of Dreadlocks:

Dreadlocks, also known as locs, are a unique and culturally rich hairstyle that has been worn for centuries across different cultures and continents. More than just a fashion statement, dreadlocks carry historical, spiritual, and cultural significance.

●What Are Dreadlocks?

Dreadlocks are matted or roped strands of hair that form naturally or through specific methods. The hair is allowed to grow without combing or brushing, resulting in sections of hair that mat together over time. Dreadlocks can vary in size, length, and thickness, depending on personal preference and hair type.

●Common Myths About Dreadlocks

There are several misconceptions about dreadlocks that need to be ignored.

1.Dreadlocks Are Dirty
2.You Can’t Wash Dreadlocks
3.Only Certain Hair Types Can Lock

●Final Thoughts

Dreadlocks are a beautiful, culturally rich hairstyle that allows for self-expression and individuality. Embrace the journey,
Have this hairstyle from our Salon.
We offer many variety:-

  1. Wash & ReTwist Dreadlocks (Full Head) – 3h 15min – $120.00
  2. Wash & ReTwist Dreadlocks (Half Head) – 1h 45min – $100.00
  3. Wash, Detox & Retwist – 3h – $150.00
  4. Detox & Retwist – 3h – $150.00

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